Calligraphy - Heraldry - Poetry - Family Trees - Jonathan - G - Skelton
Jonathan G Skelton artist and designer from family of artists/craftspeople that include Eric Gill. Calligraphy, heraldry, wedding stationery, family trees or coat of arms.
Calligraphy, Heraldry, Jonathan G, Skelton, artist, book design, typography, wedding stationery, watercolours, craftspeople, heraldic art, Eric Gill, poetry, landscape, oriental brushwork, family tree, coat of arms, illustration
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Calligraphy & Heraldry

Jonathan G Skelton is an artist and designer from a family of artists/craftspeople that include Eric and MacDonald Gill, and John and Christopher Skelton.

From a background in book design and typography, Jonathan has developed his craft skills in calligraphy, illustration and heraldic art.

Recently he has pursued his interests in poetry, landscape and oriental brushwork.

For an estimate for a poem or text, wedding stationery, family tree or coat of arms please email Jonathan direct by clicking onto his name at the foot of each page.